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Menu of Massage Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

60 / 90 min. 
$75 / $110

A light to moderate pressure relaxation massage. The smooth movements stimulate circulation, soothe muscles and helps to promote an elevated mood.
Full body massage.

Deep Tissue

Sports massage on leg

60 or 90 min. 
$85 / $125
120 min. - $160

Similar to the swedish style, but also focusing in on the deepest layers of muscle to target knots and release tension.
Full body massage.


Back Massage

30 or 60 min. 
$45 / $75

The best way to drain muscle tissue and defend against infection and disease. This style uses a light and delicate touch. With the 60 minute option, wedish technique is included.
Full body massage.



30 min. 


*if booked with another massage - $30

This technique is about applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands, working to relieve stress and pain and aiding in increased blood flow.

Upper or Lower Body Massage

Back Massage

30 min.


Focusing on a section of the body, either upper or lower, working both the front and backside areas. This is great for back, neck, shoulders and arms or hips, legs, calves and feet.


Reiki Treatment

60 min. 

Translating to "Universal Life Energy", this healing modality is given through the laying on of hands to move energy through the body and to activate ones own natural healing process.

Accompanied by the use of crystals, tarot, essential oils and sage.



Lavender essential oil, aroma oil and fr

$5 add on to any massage

Organic essential oils for you to choose from. Included is an oil infused towel and the scent applied to your body during massage treatments.

Massage for Kids

Pressure Points

30 min.


*recommended for ages 5-15

Providing massage for your little loved ones will help them with relaxation, growth and development, as well as benefiting sleep patterns.
Also great for your young athletes!

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